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Our younger constituents are the future of our district and providing them information that can enhance their education is important to their development.

Below are some resources that will be useful to kids.

Student aid, and where it comes from:

Basic Assistance Categories

Financial need-based Remember that students and their parents are responsible for paying what they can — financial aid is a supplement, not a substitute, for family resources.

Non need-based Factors include academic excellence, ethnic background, or organization membership. Corporations may also offer assistance to employees and children.

Federal Student Aid

  • Provides nearly 70% of student aid under Loans, Grants and Work/study programs.
  • Available to all need-based applicants; some loans and competitive scholarships for non need-based.
  • Free information from the United States Department of Education:
  • Loans are the most common federal aid and must be repaid when you graduate or leave college.
    • Stafford Loans (FFELs and Direct Loans) include:
  • Scholarships/grants are mostly need-based and require no repayment:
  • "Congressional" scholarships:
    • Named for Member of Congress or other prominent individual (such as Byrd Honors Scholarships, Fulbright fellowships)