Value Notices

Notice of Value

In February of each year the Yavapai County Assessor mails out the annual Notices of Value for the following tax year.  The Notice of Value is the County’s official declaration of Full Cash Value and Limited Property Value Assessments. Please note that only the Limited Property Value is used to calculate your property tax bill. By state statute, the Notice of Value must be mailed before March 1st of the year prior to the tax year. The Notice includes values for both the current year and subsequent tax year, which allow property owners to easily recognize any increase or decrease in assessed value from the previous year.

Arizona Revised Statute requires Assessors to value property using “current sales data” to value property as of January 1st of each year. This value is noticed as the Full Cash Value for the following tax year. The Full Cash Value reflects a value slightly below market and can fluctuate annually based on real estate market changes. For example, the assessor determined the 2024 Full Cash Value’s based on sales occurring between 2021 and 2022, taking into consideration both market increases and decreases that were observed in individual neighborhoods.

The Limited Property Value is also known as the taxable value and is the sole source for property tax calculations. The Limited Property Value is calculated based on Arizona Revised Statutes and may only increase by 5% per year unless changes were made to the property.  95% of all properties within Yavapai County fall under the 5% Limited Property Value increase category.

All property owners should review their Full Cash Value.  If you believe the Full Cash value is above the market value, you may consider filing a Petition for Review within 60 days of postmarked date on the annual Notice of Value.  Information on the appeal process is contained on the Notice of Value.


Notice of Change

The County Assessor will mail a Notice of Change by September 30th of each year to property owners who have made changes to property after September 30th of the preceding year and before October 1st of the valuation year such as new construction, additions to, deletions from or splits or consolidations of the parcel or changes in use. If you disagree with the assessment of your property that is listed on the Notice of Change, you may file an appeal with the County Board of Equalization within 25 days after the mailing date printed on your notice. Your appeal will be heard before a state certified hearing officer. If you still disagree with the value of your property, you may file with Tax Court by December 15th, or 60 days after the hearing, whichever comes later. If you do not wish to pursue an appeal through the County Board of Equalization, you may file directly with Tax court by December 15th.