GIS Mapping


Our mission is to implement an integrated and cooperative GIS program among the local governments and agencies within Yavapai County.

About GIS

GIS stands for Geographic Information System which is a combination of computer hardware, software and geographic data which can be used to perform data capturing, analysis, cartographic map display and production. Yavapai County Government uses GIS technology throughout several departments including the Assessor, Elections, Development Services, Public Works and Flood Control among others, comprising nearly 200 users.

The GIS started in late 1992 with the primary goal of creating a digital land database of all parcels in the county. The initial project addressed the issues of planimetric data acquisition, aerial flights of the county, and initial conversion of county assessor’s maps to a digital format. GIS became a department in 2015 with goals towards providing basic mapping/location based needs for County staff, developing more data sharing with public and private parties, and providing GIS education of the county staff and within the community. To see a history of GIS within Yavapai County, view the Yavapai County GIS StoryMap.

Yavapai County land mass covers 8,127 square miles with only about 25% of the land is privately owned. The rest is publicly owned including Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior, US Bureau of Indian Affairs, national forest, national park service, State Parks, and State of Arizona trust. Elevations range from 1500 ft to 7979 ft where the County is divided by the mountain into two areas, an eastern area called the Verde Valley; a western area including Prescott which is the County Seat. Population of the County in 1990 was 107,714 (US Census), in 2010 was 211,073 and in 2020 was 232,396. View the Census Summarizing Census results from 1990 - 2020 StoryMap.

The GIS department is a single division responsible for the design and maintenance of the county’s GIS which is used to automate the various geospatial datasets such as parcels, roads, zoning, and district boundaries just to name a few. Additionally, we may create custom applications used to distribute GIS data to the departments, local governments and citizens of Yavapai County. Under strong leadership and technical resources, YAVGIS provides several key services on behalf of the program. When performed centrally, these services eliminate duplication of effort and promote the development of agency-specific spatial data systems.

Typically, YAVGIS routine function are:

  • GIS technology coordination, consulting and implementation (database management, software upgrade coordination)
  • GIS application development and maintenance (public web applications)
  • GIS data design, automation, documentation, and distribution
  • GIS strategic planning and system integration planning
  • GIS training for county staff
  • GIS analysis to support active decision making effectively
  • GIS data assurance/quality control automated processes for data integrity
  • GIS automation for GIS data sharing (web services)

Contact via Email:
Phone (928)771-3169

Current Development Projects

  • Implementation Phase

  • Building Vector Tiles for some heavily used map layers (parcels, contours) for base maps
  • County Flood Control Portal Editor Flood Parcel Documents
  • County Health Department GIS crowd source application
  • County Flood Control Flood Alert hardware migration
  • Internal ArcGIS Pro help page with tutorials for County Employees
  • Quality Control modeling of Street and Address data
  • Street Name Lookup Application
  • Emergency Management Genasys Evac Zones Project
  • Imagery Portal Viewer for County Employees
  • Testing Phase

  • ArcGIS Enterprise web services porting to AGOL hosted feature layers
  • Emergency Management Reporting Tool
  • Creating Election Result Dashboard
  • County-wide ArcGIS Pro Add-In to switch between web services and direct connections
  • Development Phase

  • Common Places / Points of Interests amalgamating sources
  • Intersection Geocoder to Analyze Sheriff Calls for Service
  • Research Phase

  • Statewide Imagery Program with Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC)
  • Pilot project for the indoors for schools
  • Extracting Public Works road assets (guardrail/pavement markings) from video/imagery
  • Public GIS Website Interactive Map application redesign to be mobile friendly
  • On-Going Tasks

  • Automation of routine data transformation and geoprocessing tasks
  • County-wide 911 data support for Next Generation 911
  • County Public Works street centerline GIS data maintenance
  • Creating specific ArcGIS online web applications for county and public uses to meet certain departments needs
  • Local Government amalgamating street centerlines auditing and automating
  • State Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) support boards and committees
  • Management of Lidar data, Contour data, and Imagery for the County
  • Supporting Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO)
  • Supporting Verde Front Project
  • Yavapai Community WildFire Protection Plan Revision
  • Yavapai Community Broadband Outreach
  • Projects On-Hold

  • Parcel Fabric for Pro
  • Automation Notebook for street centerlines reference fields (postcode, post community, neighborhoods, ESN, Msag community) with spatial updates
  • Building and Refining Network Dataset for Future Routing and Service Area Analysis
  • County-wide GIS database detecting changes (tax area codes, taxable administrative boundaries)

Recent Completed Projects

  • Publishing Historical Imagery internally for County staff - January 2024
  • Public ArcGIS Server Upgrade to 11.1 (DMZ application server) - January 2024
  • ArcGIS Pro Notebook for City Street Updates (Prescott/Prescott Valley) - Winter 2023
  • Published USGS 2021 1 ft Contours as Vector Tiles - Winter 2023
  • Split up USGS 2021 1 ft Contours blocks into sub-block for easier use - Winter 2023
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Upgrade to version 11.x - Winter 2023
  • ArcGIS Enterprise GIS Database migration to SQL 2019 - Winter 2023
  • County-wide GIS software upgrade to ArcGIS Pro - Fall 2023
  • Rebuilding Enterprise internal system to support the use of Pro and be able to share 2021 Aerial Imagery - Summer 2023
  • County-wide GIS database SQL Server 2019 Upgrade; Summer 2023
  • County Flood Control Flood Alert GIS migration to vendor solution; Summer 2023
  • County GIS Intranet Web Application (ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise) upgrade to ArcGIS 11.1 - Summer 2023
  • County GIS Intranet Web Application (ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise) upgrade to ArcGIS 10.9.1 - Summer 2022
  • Obtained new 2021 Aerial Imagery - Spring 2022
  • County-wide GIS software upgrade to ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1 - Spring 2021
  • County public web server upgrade to 10.8.1 - Spring 2021
  • County-wide imagery and elevation data migration hardware replacement (internal change) - Spring 2021