September is National Preparedness Month

Published on September 07, 2023


September is National Preparedness Month

Arizona has a history of facing natural disasters, which is why Governor Katie Hobbs has declared September as Preparedness Month for the state, aligning with National Preparedness Month. This declaration aims to raise awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness and urges all residents of Arizona to proactively take steps to safeguard themselves in the event of potential disasters.

Yavapai County has not been immune to disasters. Just a few weeks ago, our community grappled with the Racetrack and Grapevine fires, several areas in the county faced widespread flooding and severe storms have cause extensive power outages. It is vital for residents to prioritize preparedness, work together, and build a resilient community.

By dedicating time and resources to prepare, individuals and families can minimize the potential impact of disasters and protect their loved ones. Preparedness measures such as creating a customized emergency kit, developing an emergency plan that addresses specific needs, and understanding the risks and hazards that may affect them can significantly improve the outcome during times of crisis.

Yavapai County Emergency Manager Ashley Ahlquist stated, “being prepared is crucial for our safety, for our loved ones, and our community. Disasters can occur suddenly and being well-informed about the risks we face and planning accordingly can minimize the impact of disasters and allow us to recover faster.”

The Yavapai County Office Emergency Management encourages all residents to participate in various preparedness activities including getting acquainted with neighbors, volunteering with community organizations, signing up for local emergency notification systems, following trustworthy sources of information, implementing effective mitigation strategies at home, and conducting drills to practice emergency plans. 

According to Ahlquist, community resilience is closely linked to strong social connections and a willingness to assist one another.  Individuals that come together and support each other during times of crisis enhance the overall ability to respond and recover. By fostering a sense of community and nurturing these social ties, Yavapai County can become more resilient and better prepared for future challenges.

Daily preparedness tips will be shared on the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management's social media platforms (@YavapaiOEM) on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formally known as Twitter) throughout the month. 

Collaborative efforts can ensure that the Yavapai County community is better prepared, more resilient, and better equipped to ensure the welfare and safety of all residents. For more information on emergency preparedness in Yavapai County, visit the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management's website at