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RAVE Alert Sign-Up Information(PDF, 4MB)

RAVE Prepare

Type: Web-Based Citizen-Powered Access & Functional Needs Registry

What: Collect citizen provided registry data online for easy analysis, planning, and emergency response.

How: With Rave Prepare, residents submit medical information and access or functional needs through an online portal. During an incident, YCOEM can easily identify residents in need of assistance, communicate with them, and assign resources to send help. Rave Prepare allows us to better plan and proactively respond to disasters and other emergencies

During an emergency, you may receive a text, email, or phone call asking a question to determine your needs. 

This system is intended to support emergency response efforts in aiding and, if feasible, evacuating individuals with functional needs during emergencies. While we aim to assist wherever possible, we encourage everyone to develop a personal evacuation plan, as emergency services may face challenges in reaching everyone immediately during critical situations.

How can I tell if I am able to share my profile with Emergency Managers through this service?

Simply create an account. If one of the addresses on your account falls within a jurisdiction that uses this service for disaster planning and response, the Other Services section of your Preferences page will provide you with the option to share your profile to support Emergency Preparedness.

How is my information accessed by Emergency Management?
Through this service, Emergency Managers can ask questions about the information on-file for citizens that live in a given area. If you elect to participate in this feature, and your profile contains information Emergency Managers are interested in (for example, you live in an area they select, and you state that you do not have access to transportation in the event of an evacuation order), then your name, address, and contact information will be displayed to the Emergency Manager making the inquiry.

Can I change my mind about who I share my information with after my initial registration?
Yes, by simply logging into your account. You can modify the services you participate in from within the Other Services section of the Preferences page. Please be aware that not all services are available in all areas.

Why should I share my information with Emergency Management?
Sharing your information with emergency management will allow local emergency officials to better plan for and respond to disasters. These officials regularly exercise scenarios and make plans to better prepare for disasters (i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, power outages). Having knowledge of specific needs within the community, such as disabilities and special medical conditions, gives them the opportunity to identify individuals who will be most in need of assistance during an incident.

Even if no member of your household has a significant medical condition, there are still numerous pieces of information that are of interest to Emergency Managers. For example, did you know that pets (other than service animals) are typically not allowed in emergency shelters? By knowing the number of pets in the community that require emergency sheltering, Emergency Managers can develop strategies to better accommodate pets.

We encourage you to share your information with all services available through your account in order to take full advantage of the safety services your community offers you.

Community Notifications

Type: Notification

What: Citizens can choose what type of messages or alerts you would like to receive; this includes severe and non-severe weather alerts (warnings vs watches or advisories), public health messages, special events, elections information, road work alerts, and more. These notifications must are considered opt-in alerts, and you can select which categories you would like to subscribe and how you would like to receive those messages. You are also able to opt-out or change your notification methods in your profile. See the FAQ section for more information about how to do this. 

How: Text, Email, Phone Call, Smart911 App

Emergency Notifications

Type: Alert

What: Threats to life and property. 

How: Text, email, phone call, Smart911 App

You can elect to receive SMS (text), Email, or Voice notifications. This may include emergency and/or non-emergency communications. The specific services available to you will depend on your home, work, or other frequented address. Once you create an account and specify your addresses, the notification services available to you will be listed on the Preferences page, in a section titled Notifications Preferences. 

*YCOEM is a backup alerting agency for all local public safety agencies. We will only send Emergency Notifications when requested to by those agencies. If you have already registered with RAVE for Prescott Regional Communication Center, Cottonwood Regional Communication Center or Camp Verde Marshal's Office - you do not need to re-register with YCOEM for Emergency Notifications. We do recommend those that have registered with Everbridge also sign up with RAVE to ensure you will get a notification no matter what. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What phone number will alerts come from?

In RAVE, alerts will come from multiple numbers, including: 77295, 67283, 78015, 81437, 226787, or 928-427-7770. For convenience, we recommend saving these numbers in one contact on your phone, so that emergency alerts are received in one text thread.

How much does it cost?

This service is provided by the Yavapai County at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services. 

During the sign-up process you have the option to choose how you want to be notified and what types of alerts to receive. For any notification you choose to receive, you can specify whether you want text message, email, voice delivery – or any combination of these.

To avoid being charged frequent pay-per-text or pay-per-call fees by your phone service provider, you can select only the types of messages you prefer – for example, selecting email only as the delivery type – or opt-in for ‘emergency alerts’ (which are infrequent in typical usage).

Why do I need RAVE Alerts when I have a TV, social media and a radio to keep me informed?

RAVE Alerts serves as another tool to keep the public informed. By signing up for RAVE Alerts, the public can receive real-time alerts directly on their preferred devices (text message, voice message, email and social media).

Why did YCOEM implement RAVE Alerts? 

The State 911 Office of Arizona's Department of Administration has acquired the RAVE Mass Notification System for use by all Emergency Communication Centers (911 Dispatch) and County Emergency Management Offices across Arizona. This system enhances the capability of Emergency Operations Centers to effectively prepare for emergencies. Through RAVE Prepare, residents can voluntarily share information to aid in emergency planning, response, and recovery. Emergency managers have the flexibility to tailor the system by adding specific questions, categories, or data fields relevant to their local needs.

The system also offers a backup approach to support local partners in Alert and Warning Notifications and facilitates communication with the community via opt-in, non-emergency messages.

Additionally, this platform is a conduit for the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management to access the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, enabling them to issue Wireless Emergency Alerts or transmit messages through the Emergency Alert System and NOAA Radios when required.

Is there a cost for subscribing?

This service is provided by Yavapai County at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services. This service is provided per the ‍Terms of Use‍ and ‍Privacy Policy.‍

Will my information be disclosed or shared?

No, your information is private and will not be used or distributed in any manner. The information that you provide is exempt from public disclosure and will be used for emergency purposes only.

How do I update my information in RAVE Alert? 

Follow these steps to change your alert preferences (for example, to reduce the number of messages of a certain type, or to change the contacts used for each kind of message):

1. Go to the Smart911 login page by clicking HERE.
2. Login using your Smart911 username and password (If you’ve forgotten these, follow the instructions on 
    the page under “Forgot Username or Password?”)
3. Once signed in, click the ‘Preferences’ tab at the top
4. Under ‘Notification Preferences’, you can make changes to both the phone numbers and email  
     addresses on which you want to receive alerts and messages by clicking or unclicking the checkboxes.
5. You can also choose what alerts you want to receive and the method you wish to receive them by (text, 
     voice, email)
         a. For example, if you wish to turn off all messages regarding Transportation Disruptions, simply  
             uncheck the box to the left of “Transportation Disruption”
         b. If you wish instead only to receive emails for Transportation Disruption notifications, instead 
             uncheck the “Text” and / or “Voice” choices, so that only “Email” remains checked

You can also update your preferences from the Smart911 app. 

How can I unsubscribe?

Text STOP to 77295 or manage your subscriptions in Smart911.

Who can I contact if I have questions, or need assistance? 

Please email us at web.EM@yavapaiaz.gov.