Property Protection Measures

Landscaping – One of the major contributing factors of local drainage problems in our community is caused by landscaping. When a property owner landscapes or re-landscapes the property, the impacts on the surrounding properties may not be considered. Particular attention needs to be focused on keeping runoff from affecting downstream neighbors by maintaining points of entry and exit for offsite runoff and storm water. The District has documents available at the District office, titled “Guide to Drainage Around Your Home”, and “Guide for Drainage and Landscaping”, which provides helpful information.

Retrofitting – Such as; elevating buildings above flood levels, dry flood proofing, wet flood proofing, and protecting from sewer backup. These are some measures that can be taken to retrofit a building so that it will not suffer any or minimal damage when flooded. Literature and assistance is available at the District office. Literature is also available at your local library and by visiting FEMA and search for retrofitting.

Emergency Measures – Literature and advice is available at the District offices, Public Library, and at Yavapai County Emergency Management/Public Works.

  • Are You Ready? This FEMA guide contains step-by-step advice on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.
  • Sand Bags for Flood Emergencies – This discusses sand bag construction, placement methods, and filling. Contact Yavapai County Emergency Management for information.