Adult Probation

Mission Statement

Promoting community safety through proactive supervision and opportunities for positive change. 



Safer communities through opportunities for positive change.  


Guiding Principles

We are dedicated and professional employees who are driven by accountability, innovation, integrity, and respect for all. 



The Court places an individual on probation by suspending the individual's sentencing and granting probation supervision for a specified period of time on the promise of good behavior and to abide by specific court-ordered conditions of probation. The Adult Probation Department provides risk/need assessments, pre-sentence investigations and reports, community supervision, and a variety of programs for the Limited Jurisdiction and Superior Courts.

The purpose of probation supervision in Yavapai County is to enhance community safety, reduce recidivism, and avoid the creation of new victims in the community. At pre-sentence and post-sentence, individuals are assessed using state-approved assessment tools and supervised according to their potential risk to re-offend. Individualized supervision plans are developed based on the probationer's needs and risks, to include specific interventions such as, placement in treatment, enrollment in education, or development of job search strategies.

The Adult Probation Department is funded by multiple sources, to include the State, County, and probationer-assessed Probation Service Fees.