Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides computers and information services to all county departments. The department designs, operates and maintains a wide assortment of data communications and data processing equipment.

Over the past 10 years, ITS has moved from a legacy that included IBM AS/400 mid-range computers to modern virtual servers with a high degree of availability using modern relation databases. Applications have gone from legacy terms to client-server applications and to multi-tier web-based applications that reduced the complexity of the desktop and ensure greater availability. Adoption of products like Microsoft Office 365 have created new options for a mobile work force.

The ITS department manages a fleet of almost 2,000 PCs and Servers in a Wide Area Network (WAN) that spans the county’s 8,129 miles – from Seligman to Black Canyon City. Most facilities are connected to one another through a complex network of high-speed and capacity data links. Also, the ITS department manages over 350 TB of storage of which 9TB are dedicated to electronic documents. ITS/Records management also manages over 26,000 boxes in the records warehouse.

ITS department works with its stakeholders in fostering technology adoption that aids in communication and collaboration. ITS works to provide the county with collaboration system solutions that take advantage of voice, video, and data, in a hybrid-cloud environment.

Working with our stakeholders, the ITS Department ensures that a wide range of information services are available to the county including:

  • Financial systems support for county finance department
  • Tax collection systems and management support for the County Treasurer
  • Electronic and paper document management
  • Support of equipment for printing and copying
  • Telephone and video conference support
  • Software applications development for all county departments
  • Computers and related equipment procurement services
  • “Help Desk” support to all county departments
  • Information security, protection and auditing
  • Common use (Office 365) and desktop operating system software license management
  • WAN connections that allow for secure connections to state agencies, local governments and the Internet