Human Resources & Risk Management


We support Yavapai County Government through collaboration, innovation and effective programs that attract and retain a motivated and productive workforce.


To be recognized as the most trusted, knowledgeable and innovative public sector Human Resources Department in Arizona.

Core Values

Respectful – Treat every person with courtesy and dignity.

Trustworthy – Consistently respond with professionalism, transparency and expertise.  Act with integrity and honesty.

Compassionate – Approach each individual and circumstance in a kind, considerate and caring manner. Listen to employee needs, making them feel heard and providing resources needed.

Collaborative – Produce mutually-rewarding results through teamwork and promote open communication to encourage innovative ideas.

Helpful – Provide the highest level of customer service to ensure the success of employees and departments.

Yavapai County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Yavapai County is committed to applying the principles of State and Federal anti-discrimination laws to give equal opportunity for all persons employed or seeking employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability except in the case of a bona-fide occupational qualification. The County also maintains a workplace free of harassment and intimidation.

Yavapai County EEOP (Equal Employment Opportunity Plan)(PDF, 20KB)

Yavapai County Sheriff's EEOP (Equal Employment Opportunity Plan)(PDF, 45KB)