Street Maintenance and Signage

Private Roadways Yavapai County may officially recognize a street name or assign physical addresses along a private roadway, however, the roadway remains private. The private/public status of a street or easement remains unchanged after it has been named or renamed. Therefore, the maintenance, signage responsibility, and liability will also remain unchanged. The Private Street Signage Letter below will help you to locate a business where you may purchase private street signs, or you may simply open the yellow pages section of the phone book under Signs, and choose a business to create your private road sign. Your private sign must meet the criteria set forth in the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Ordinance(PDF, 5MB) (See Section 604 – Street Naming & Addressing).

County Right-of-Ways If you have any questions and/or comments related to County right-of-way maintenance and signage, please contact the County Public Works Department.

Private Street Signage Letter and Detail(PDF, 213KB)