Downloadable PDF Maps

NAME OF PDF Summary Size & Date Last Published
Election Precincts with Inset Map Elections Precincts 36x48 inches, December 2023
Election Precincts Atlas (50 pages) Elections Precinct Atlas 11x17 inches, April 2024
Hospital District Map Hospital District Map 11x17 inches, June 2023
Supervisor District Map County Supervisor Districts 36x48 inches, December 2023
School District Map School Districts 36x48 inches, June 2023
Congressional Districts Map Congressional Districts 11x17 inches, June 2023
Legislative District Map Legislative District 11x17 inches, December 2023
Justice of the Peace Map Judicial Precincts 36x48 inches, June 2023
Fire Districts and Departments Wall Map All Taxable Fire Districts 36x48 inches, June 2023
Fire Districts and Departments Atlas(multiple pages) Individual Fire Districts Atlas 11x17 inches, March 2022
Public Land Use Map Land Ownership 36x48 inches, July 2023
Historical Arizona Counties Arizona Counties 36x48 inches, August 2014
Subdivision Map(multipages; a large pdf file) Map book of all named subdivisions 11x17 inches, June 2023
School District Map Series(multipages; a large pdf file) Map book of school districts (excludes Clarkdale-Jerome ESD #3 and Cottonwood Oak Creek ESD #6 but includes Mingus Union High SD #44) 11x17 inches, September 2021
Yavapai County Street and Road Atlas*

Street and Road Atlas for urbanized areas

11x11 inches, January 2022

County PDF Maps available for download

*The Street and Road Atlas printed price is $100 if purchased from GIS Department which will be a double sided 120 page 11×11 inch unbound map on standard bonded paper.