Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will I receive my tax bill?

Property tax notices are mailed out each year by the end of September.

If you have not received your bill by October 1st, you can get a copy of the bill by searching your parcel number with our tax inquiry and selecting 'View My Tax Bill'.

When is my tax payment due?

First half taxes are delinquent after 5pm on November 1st.
Second half taxes are delinquent after 5pm on May 1st of the following year.

If these dates fall on a weekend, the delinquent date will be the following business day after 5pm.

Alternatively, you may pay your Full Year taxes in a single installment by December 31st with no charged interest.

Who do I make my check payable to?

Electronic checks use a default value provided by the vendor.

Why did my tax bill change or increase this year?

The first item you will want to analyze is the Notice of Value sent out by the Assessor’s Office every February. This card is meant to inform property owners of their assessed value that will be used for the coming years property tax statement.

There are many different factors used to determine this figure and you will want to verify items such as Legal Class, Primary Residence, Rental Property, Agricultural, Commercial, etc. as well as verifying any exemptions you may be receiving such as disability or widow/widowers. If you notice any increases in your value, or want to inquire about any exemptions available, you can contact the Assessor’s Office at 928-771-3220 or visit the Assessor's website.

Every August the taxing authorities within your district submit their annual budgets, levies, and tax rates to the Board of Supervisors for adoption. If you see a significant increase in a particular taxing authority, you may contact that authority from the list below or attend their budget meetings, if available, to voice questions or concerns.

Once the values are set and the rates are approved by the Board, the information is then given to the Treasurer’s Office to create the tax bill. Treasurer’s Office staff then collect and distribute the monies to the various taxing authorities.

Due dates for the tax bills are established by Arizona State Statute and may not be modified or extended by the Yavapai County Treasurer.


20681 American Ranch DWID 928-443-9484
11201 Ash Fork Fire District 623-703-6608
13002 Ash Fork St Lighting ID 928-771-3200
7031 Ash Fork Unified School District #31 928-637-2561
21276 Ash Fork Sanitation District 928-606-3450
7020 Bagdad Unified SD #20 928-633-4101
5026 Beaver Creek Elementary School District #26 928-567-4631
21279 Big Park DWID 928-443-9484
20673 Black Canyon DWID 623-374-9408
11220 Black Canyon Fire District 623-465-7400
10004 Bonds School District #51 928-636-2458
21275 Bryce Canyon Dr DWWID 928-458-9648
21273 Calvary Chapel DWWID 928-443-9484
11202 Camp Verde Fire District 928-567-9401
21259 Camp Verde Sanitation District 928-567-8832
21258 Camp Verde SD (Assess Only) 928-567-8832
7028 Camp Verde Unified School District #28 928-567-8008
5050 Canon Elementary School District #50 623-374-5588
10251 Central Yavapai Hospital 928-445-7140
11203 Central Yavapai Fire District 928-772-7711
11204 Chino Valley Fire District 928-772-7711
16510 Chino Valley Irrigation District 928-636-4535
13004 Chino Valley SLID #1 928-636-2646
13005 Chino Valley SLID #2 928-636-2646
13006 Chino Valley SLID #3A 928-636-2646
7051 Chino Valley Unified School District #51 928-636-2458
4153 City of Cottonwood 928-634-5526
4159 City of Peoria 623-773-7000
4155 City of Prescott 928-777-1100
11224 Clarkdale Fire District 928-634-2578
5003 Clarkdale-Jerome School District #3 928-634-5035
20676 Congress DWID 928-427-3456
5017 Congress Elementary School District #17 928-427-9850
11205 Congress Fire District 928-427-3336
11226 Copper Canyon Fire District 928-567-9401
5006 Cottonwood/ Oak Creek School District #6 928-634-2288
21270 Creekside Sanitation District 928-445-5579
5041 Crown King Elementary School District #41 928-632-5207
11216 Crown King Fire District 928-632-9534
11225 Daisy Mountain Fire District 623-465-7400
28277 Diamond Valley Water District 928-778-1888
28283 East Ridge CFD 928-759-3010
11900 Fire District Assist Fund 928-771-3200
11214 Groom Creek Fire District 928-778-6519
28279 Hassayampa CFD #2 928-777-1202
20672 Highland Pines DWID 928-800-5364
21272 High Valley Ranch DWWID 928-443-9484
5035 Hillside Elementary School District #35 928-442-3416
20677 Holiday Hills DWID 928-716-0756
7022 Humboldt Unified School District #22 928-759-4000
21271 ICR Sanitation District 928-445-5606
21261 Iron Springs Sanitation District 928-499-8522
20675 Jackson Acres DWID 928-910-1910
21277 Kings Ranch Unit 2 DWID 602-910-0801
5023 Kirkland Elementary School District #23 928-442-3258
2827 Mayer DWID 928-632-4113
11215 Mayer Fire District 928-632-9534
7043 Mayer Unidfied School District #43 928-642-1000
3000 MH Relocation 928-771-3233
6105 Mingus Union High School #4 928-634-8901
11213 Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District 928-567-9401
30001 Mountain Institute ED 928-771-0791
20688 Mystic Heights DWID 305-905-1110
28289 Mystic Heights DWWID 305-905-1110
28287 Northside CFD 928-759-3010
28285 Parkway CFD 928-759-3010
11221 Peeples Valley Fire District 602-810-4523
28274 Ponderosa Park Water ID 928-800-5364
21262 Prescott East Sanitation District 928-443-9484
7001 Prescott Unified School District #1 928-445-5400
28281 Pronghorn Ranch CFD 928-759-3010
20678 Quail Ridge DWID 928-445-5606
28284 Quailwood Meadows CFD 928-759-3010
28282 Ravenridge CFD 928-759-3010
20444 Red Rock Rd EMD 928-443-9484
20686 Retreat at Oak Creek DWID 928-963-6785
10010 School District #9 Bi-Co Repayment 928-204-6800
11208 Sedona Fire District 928-204-8909
7009 Sedona Unified School District #9 928-204-6800
11210 Seligman Fire District 928-300-6437
21268 Seligman Sanitation District 928-443-9484
7040 Seligman Unified School District #40 928-216-4123
13003 Seligman St Lighting ID 928-771-3200
20445 Sherriff's Posse Com Rid 480-220-3504
5015 Skull Valley Elementary School District #15 928-442-3322
28286 Southside CFD 928-759-3010
28280 Stoneridge CFD 928-759-3010
28288 Tapadero DWID 928-899-2486
20685 TIPEJI DWID 480-315-8085
4157 Town of Camp Verde 928-554-0811
4152 Town of Clarkdale 928-639-2400
4154 Town of Jerome 928-634-7943
4156 Town of Prescott Valley 928-759-3000
4161 Town of Wickenburg 928-684-5451
30000 Valley Academy Ed District 928-634-7131
11222 Verde Valley Fire District 928-634-2578
5007 Walnut Grove Elementary School District #7 928-427-6378
21278 Weaver Mountain DWWID 928-427-9749
30002 West Maricopa ED 923-738-0022
11219 Wickenburg Fire District 928-684-2872
7060 Wickenburg School District 928-668-5350
11223 Williamson Valley Fire District 928-717-2304
5002 Williamson Valley Elementary School District #2 928-771-3326
5052 Yarnell Elementary School District #52 928-427-3347
11211 Yarnell Fire District 928-427-6578
13001 Yarnell Street Lighting ID 928-771-3200
14900 Yav Co Library District 928-771-3191
8150 Yav Community College 928-776-2166
15001 Yav Flood Control District 928-771-3197
2000 Yavapai County 928-771-3200
20687 Yavapai Ranch DWID 928-422-3331
10046 Yavapai Co Accommodation School District #99 928-759-8126

What is the "State Aid Reduction" on my bill?

This represents a reduction to the primary school district tax. The reduction only applies to owner occupied residential properties. The school districts will be reimbursed by the state of Arizona.

What is the "Exemption" on my bill?

Arizona provides property tax exemptions in varying dollar amounts to qualifying disabled persons and widows/widowers. Please contact the Assessor’s office at 928-771-3220 or their website for more information.

How can I pay my property tax bill?

You can pay your bill online, by phone, by mail, or in-person.
Online payments can be made by Credit or Debit Cards or Electronic Check.

(Multiple parcel payments may be made with one e-check for 40 cents)

Mail your payment to:

Prescott: 1015 Fair St., Prescott, AZ.
Cottonwood: 10 South 6th St., Cottonwood, AZ.

What are the fees charged for online transactions?

How long does it take to process my payment?

Please allow three to five business days for mailed payments to arrive at our office. There may be a slight delay in processing time during our busier times of year when the bills are mailed and in the weeks prior to the payment due dates.

The electronic payment services on this website are provided by our third-party provider, Certified Payments. Please allow three business days for these payments to be reflected in our system.

Can I pay my property taxes ahead of time?

Unfortunately, our system cannot process tax payments for taxes that have not billed yet. Once the taxes are calculated and in our database in late September, payments can be made.

Payments will not be accepted in advance.

I received a bill but no longer own the property. What should I do?

In the event that you sold your home prior to receiving the bill, the new owner and/or mortgage company will pay the tax bill for the current year. Property taxes due are the responsibility of the current owner.

What do all these phrases mean on my bill and on your site?

Below is a list of common terms and their meaning:

This is a code identifying a parcel of land. It consists of a 3-digit Assessor’s book number, then a 2-digit map number, and a 3-digit parcel number. It may also have an alpha character if the parcel was previously split from, or combined with another parcel. The last number is a computer-generated “check digit.” Each parcel number is unique; in that it is assigned to a single parcel and is never duplicated.

This is a 4-digit number representing a region within the county where all the property has the same combination of taxing jurisdictions (governing bodies authorized by law to impose property taxes). Each tax area code will include the following taxing jurisdictions: the county, the community college, and one or more school districts. The tax area code may also include a city and/or limited purpose district such as fire, sanitary, flood control, road and improvement districts.

The annual Primary and Secondary tax rates are based on the tax area code in which your property is located. They are presented here as percentages and are used in a formula to calculate the Primary and Secondary tax amounts.


• TAX - Indicates taxes billed/paid.
• AZ - Indicates that the tax year has a certificate assigned to the State of Arizona.
• PUR - Indicates that the tax year has a certificate that has been purchased by a lien holder.
• SBTX - Indicates the subsequent tax year has a certificate purchased by the lien holder.
• REDC - Indicates the tax year has a previous certificate purchased by the lien holder.
• REPU - Indicates that the tax year certificate has been re-purchased.
• SBPU - Indicates that the tax year has a certificate that has been purchased by a subsequent lien holder.

The gross taxes calculated on your Limited Value. Primary property taxes are those property taxes levied for the maintenance and operation of counties, cities, towns, school districts, and the community college districts.

This represents a reduction to the primary school district tax. The reduction only applies to owner occupied residential properties. The school districts will be reimbursed by the state of Arizona.

The net primary ad valorem taxes due after the State Aid to Education Reduction is applied to qualified properties.

Secondary property taxes are ad valorem taxes levied to pay the following: (a) the redemption charges on any bonded indebtedness or other long-term obligation lawfully incurred by any taxing district, (b) additional amounts required pursuant to an election to exceed a budget, expenditure or tax limitation of a particular taxing district, (c) limited purpose districts such as fire, sanitary, flood control, road and improvement districts.

Special District Tax includes any non-ad valorem taxes that apply to your property such as a per acre assessment by an irrigation district servicing your area.

A statutory value based on the lessor of the Full Cash Value of the property or an amount five percent greater than the Limited Value of the property as determined for the prior year. Full Cash Value (FCV) reflects the market value of land and improvements, including mobile homes. The FCV is the appealable value. The primary ad valorem taxes are levied for the maintenance and operations of cities, towns, county, community college and schools.

A statutory value based on the lessor of the Full Cash Value of the property or an amount five percent greater than the Limited Value of the property as determined for the prior year. Full Cash Value (FCV) reflects the market value of land and improvements, including mobile homes. The FCV is the appealable value. (Please refer to your Notice of Value, or contact the Yavapai County Assessor for the amount of your FCV.) The secondary ad valorem taxes are levied by limited purpose districts, such as fire, sanitary, flood control, road, and improvement districts. The taxes also pay for bond issues and additional amounts levied pursuant to an election to exceed budget, expenditure or tax limitation.

The limited value of taxable personal property such as business equipment and mobile homes.

The limited value of the improvements on the land, including buildings and other items such as concrete slabs, fences, etc.

The statutory ratio for various classes of property. It is a percentage that is multiplied by the assessed property value to arrive at the net assessed value.

The Arizona Constitution provides tax exemptions for several categories of property and property owners. The amount in this column is the assessed value that is exempt from taxation.

This is the taxable portion of your assessed value. This amount is multiplied by the tax rate to arrive at the tax amount.

A description of the parcel of land. This description may be abbreviated; for a complete description, refer to the latest conveying document.

The actual physical location of the property.

The breakdown of taxes levied by the governing bodies authorized to impose property taxes within your property’s Tax Area Code.

The mailing address is the billing address and not necessarily the property address. If the address shown on your statement is incorrect, please fill out a change of address form located on the Yavapai County Assessor’s website. Submit the change of address to the Assessor per the instructions on the form. The Yavapai County Treasurer will obtain the updated address from the Assessor’s system.


Do you have any documentation to help me understand my bill?

Yes! We include a brochure with each tax bill to help all property owners understand the bill and the details of property taxing. You can find a PDF of the brochure here: How to Read Your Property Tax Notice & Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 1MB)