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Constables are elected peace officers who attend the courts of justices of the peace within their precincts when required; and within their counties execute, serve and return all processes, warrants and notices directed or delivered to them by a justice of the peace of the county or by competent authority.

The provisions of law relating to sheriffs, as far as applicable, govern the powers, duties and liabilities of constables.

There are five elected Constables in Yavapai County, each serving in one Justice Precinct.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Yavapai County Constable's Office is to provide professional, efficient and diligent service of all civil and criminal processes assigned by the courts of Yavapai County or other authorities; ensure community safety in executing orders of the court; and to aid in the Constitutional due process of our legal system."


Click on the below precincts to determine what communities are within the precincts and to contact the constable.

Seligman precinct Prescott precinct Verde Valley precinct Mayer Precinct Bagdad-Yarnell PrecinctConstable Precinct Map

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