Important Dates


January 1

  • Exemption season begins for widows, widowers, disabled persons, churches and certain non-profit organizations. Please contact the Assessor's Office for more information.
  • Final values are set for real properties on this date and are the values used in the tax bill calculations for that year.

January 1 - March 1

  • Statutorily, the Assessor's Office is required to mail Notices of Value between January 1st and March 1st of each year. (Property owners wishing to appeal their property value must file an appeal with the Assessor's Office by the date printed on the letter or card.)


February 1

  • Last Date for Business Personal Property Statements to be mailed.

February (last business day)

  • Exemption deadline is the last business day in February. All widows, widowers, disabled persons as well as churches and non-profit organizations must file with the Assessor's Office by this date.


April 1

  • Last day to file Business Personal Property Statements


September 1

September 30


December 15

  • Last day to appeal property values through tax court