Subdivisions and Record of Surveys

Street Naming for new Subdivisions are worked and assigned in accordance with the Street Naming & Addressing Section (See section 604 Street Naming & Addressing) of the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Ordinance(PDF, 5MB).

After approval of a Preliminary Plat map and before submittal of a final plat of a new subdivision or a 36+ acre Record of Survey, the developer shall submit a street naming proposal to the Yavapai County Addressing Unit for review.

  • Submit proposed alphabetical list of names for review (minimum 2 names per road) via email to the Addressing Unit.
  • Once the form has been received, the Addressing unit will review the street names and send the list to 9-1-1 dispatch, Fire Department and other Emergency agencies for a complete review.
  • After all review comments are returned to the Addressing Unit, Yavapai County will make the final decision on what names will be approved.
  • The Addressing Unit will then email or fax the approved names back to the developer or appropriate contact.

We require that you submit at least two names per road that you are requesting. if you submit more names than required, you increase your chances of having enough names approved and to ensure your valuable time and efforts are not wasted.

Please allow 2 weeks for a full review from emergency services. Once you have completed the form below, you may fax or email your form to the Addressing Unit. For additional information please feel free to contact Addressing.