Commercial Additions, Remodels, and Accessory Structures

Commercial Addition, Remodel and Accessory Structure projects include but are not limited to: Additions or Remodels to commercial buildings, Public or Semi-Public Swimming Pools, Spas or Other Accessory Buildings.

Commercial Projects: A Preliminary Code Review meeting is highly recommended prior to the submission of the permit application.  Preliminary Code Review meetings enable applicants to meet with various county departments and other applicable jurisdictions to review and discuss proposed developments.  The meeting also provides feedback and direction to the applicants before detailed design drawings are submitted.  Please submit the Preliminary Code Review application through our CitizenServe Online Permitting Portal with a Letter of Intent and plans for the project for processing and scheduling.

Commercial Plans are required for all commercial projects, including Multi-Family, in the unincorporated areas of Yavapai County.  A complete set of structural drawings and a Site Plan sheet, drawn per the Commercial Submittal Requirements(PDF, 157KB), are required.  Minimum scale is ¼” = 1′ and minimum size paper is 18″ x 24″.  Commercial projects may require a drainage study (Drainage Design Manual(PDF, 9MB)).

Floor Plan: A floor plan is required for all submittals.  All rooms and areas need to be labeled, including doorway and window locations.

Master Plan Construction Permits must have an approved Master Plan on file with Development Services.  Master Plan Submittal Requirements(PDF, 167KB)