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Customer Service is the first point-of-contact for our customers. We direct and assist customers as necessary. We strive to assist the public in our area of expertise. We will obtain the knowledge to meet the challenges set before us in a continuously changing environment. Our ability to research extensively and accurately will continue to be our number one goal together as a team and as individuals.


Personal Exemptions

Arizona provides property tax exemptions, in varying dollar amounts, to qualifying disabled persons and widows/widowers, whose spouses passed away while residing in Arizona. The exemption is applied to real estate, then to a mobile home or automobile. Depending on the situation. Once an applicant qualifies the Assessed Value of the property will be reduced by no more than $4,188 (the amount is adjusted annually). Additional qualifications are listed on the link below.

Non-Profit Organizational Exemptions

Senior Freeze

This program freezes the Limited Property Value (taxable value) of the parcel. Use the link below to view the qualifications.

Change of Address