Manufactured, Modular and Factory Built Building Permits

Yavapai County Development Services requires permitting of all residential or commercial manufactured/modular/factory built buildings prior to installation. (Note: Section 552 of the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Ordinance prohibits the installation of a Mobile (Pre Hud) home on an individual lot.) Permit applications are subject to review and approval by one or more of the following units/agencies as needed.

  • Land Use/Planning
  • Environmental Services
  • Flood Control District
  • Public Works
  • Addressing
  • Improvement Districts
  • Health Department
  • State Fire Marshal or Fire District
  • ADOT
  • ADEQ
  • Other Agency review as needed

Yavapai County Permit cannot be issued until all conditions of approval have been met and all fees have been paid (Fees may include Land Use, Building Inspection, Septic, Public Works, Doc Fee etc.)

The State Office of Manufactured Housing has jurisdiction for the issuance of the permit and inspection for the installation of the unit, including original accessory structures that are included in the sales contract, i.e., footing/foundation, mechanical equipment, awnings, etc. State Office of Manufactured Housing fees are separate from fees assessed by Yavapai County.

Floor Plan: A floor plan is required for all submittals. All rooms and areas need to be labeled, including doorway and window locations.

Park Models

A Park Model is allowed as a Dwelling Unit per Section 565 of the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Ordinance. A permit is required prior to installation of a Park Model Unit – See Residential Park Model Submittal Requirements. Park Models shall not be more than five years old at the time of installation.