Miscellaneous Permit Applications and Plan Review Criteria

Miscellaneous Permit Applications include but are not limited to: Home Occupations, Minor Land Division (MLD), Signs, Fences, Grading and Paving, Master Plans, Temporary Dwellings, Solar Installation, Generator Installation, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, and Spas.

Over the Counter (OTC) permits are required for a number of projects such as Electric Upgrade, Repair, or Reconnection of Service, Natural Gas/Propane Installations or Conversions, Plumbing Repairs or Alterations, Woodstoves, Fireplace Inserts, Demolition and Stucco.

Application Extension: Adopted Yavapai County Building/Zoning codes allow an extension of a building/zoning clearance permit application if there is a request for an extension submitted in writing, and justifiable cause demonstrated.  The extension, if granted, can be for a maximum of 180 days (6 months).  Application Extension Request Form(PDF, 50KB)

Building Permit Extensions: Building codes adopted by Yavapai County allows up to two (2) extensions on a building permit as long as there is a request for an extension.  The extensions shall be in writing prior to permit expiration and with justifiable cause demonstrated.  The extension, if granted, can be for a period of up to 180 days (6 months) each.  Building Permit Extension Request Form(PDF, 285KB)