Local Floodplain Management

Due to the escalating cost, both in terms of life and property lost to flood damages over the years, the U.S. Congress (in 1968) and the Arizona Legislature (in 1973) determined standards for future use of floodplain land, and required that floodplains be regulated by the local communities in Arizona.

The sole purpose of this regulation is to prevent future development from causing unnecessary flood damages, and to protect taxpayers from the increasing costs of flood disaster. Responsible floodplain management requires property owners to recognize a real limitation on the usefulness of their property, and forces them, rather than taxpayers, to accept the costs of that limitation.

Land which is subject to flooding may be unsuitable for many uses. Prospective property owners need to know the flood hazard status in order to be aware of limitations which may be imposed on using the property, and to better assess the true “cost” of utilizing the property.

To obtain a flood hazard status report, visit our Flood Hazard Status Reports page.