Environmental Health Complaints

Below is a list of agencies that handle specific types of complaints or problem issues, as well as a chart listing regulations currently in effect that address a variety of problem issues from the incorporated cities in Yavapai County. If you live in one of these cities and your type of problem is listed in the chart below, please call the phone number listed at the top of the chart for the correct city. Incorporated cities have primary jurisdiction within their city limits. Please review this information carefully to find the correct agency that can assist you efficiently.

Agencies and Private Businesses

Complaints handled by Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

Phone: (800)-234-5677

  • Air Quality (outdoor)
  • Community sewage treatment facilities
  • Groundwater contamination, underground storage tanks, etc.
  • Hazardous materials, hazardous waste
  • Mining activities

Complaints handled by Arizona Dept of Health Services (ADHS)

Phone: (602) 542-1025

  • Hospitals and other care facilities (other than food service complaints)
  • Prisons, adult and juvenile detention centers
  • Behavioral health centers, half-way houses
  • Cottage / Baked Goods Law (602) 364-3118

Complaints handled by Arizona Dept of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) - Industrial Commission of Arizona

Phone: (602) 542-5795 Toll Free: (855) 268-5251

  • Air Quality (Business Indoor)

Complaints handled by Yavapai County Development Services - Land Use Division

Phone: (928) 254-5458

  • Animal or human and excrement, manure (Flies could be associated with these problems.)
  • Wastewater (sewage leaks, failing septic systems, septic haulers, etc.)
  • Trash (accumulation, improper disposal, garbage trucks)
  • Trash thrown out on the highway or streets

Complaints handled by Yavapai County Environmental Health/Public Health

NOTE: Food-borne illness complaints or water-borne disease complaints are handled by Communicable Disease.

  • Food service at hospitals, day care and other care facilities
  • Hotels & motels
  • Flies and rodents
  • Pools (public and semi-public, but not private pools)
  • Rabies, plague, hantavirus and other vector-borne disease
  • Restaurants, markets and other food establishments
  • Schools (except air quality)
  • Special events (general health and hygiene)
  • Water in restaurants or other public establishments (Not private wells)
  • Mosquitoes in unincorporated area of the county. (For city areas call City Code Enforcement.)
  • Bees (If bees are attacking, dial 911. Bee removal is the responsibility of the property owner.)

To file a complaint, please call the nearest office as listed above.

Miscellaneous Complaints or Questions

To report dead animals on Yavapai County roads, call Yavapai County Public Works.